Stephanie Phann

Stephanie Phann, STRIVE, San Diego! Spring 2016 Intern

Senior Undergraduate in Public Health, San Diego State University

Leadership roles: Secretary of Students for Public Health / Vice Chair of the Student Health Advisory Committee

Interning at STRIVE, San Diego! has given me the unique opportunity to gain fieldwork experience in a community health setting where I can practice various public health skill sets I have attained from my undergraduate program at San Diego State from health data analysis, to health communication, and literature research and review.

I am constantly being challenged to find innovative ways to effectively promote health, facilitate communication with the community, and engage the API population at this internship, while simultaneously learning more about my own leadership attributes as a first-generation minority student and my potential to improve the health status of underserved communities.

While I have leadership experience as the Secretary of Students for Public Health as well as serving as the Vice Chair for the Student Health Advisory Committee on campus, STRIVE, San Diego continues to aid in my development as an effective community leader and public health advocate. By allowing me to work directly with the community on a grassroots level, STRIVE has helped drive my development in essential public service skills that will ultimately allow me to succeed in my future aspirations in health policy and management.