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Farmers Markets: Lower Cost, Increased Flavor 

Locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables are a healthy, cost-effective option for healthy eating, especially during the summer months. One easy way to buy fresh produce is through a farmers market in your neighborhood.

Farmers markets sell produce from local farms to nearby communities.[1] In addition to making it easier to find healthy food, farmers markets offer:

  • Great tasting food.Local food doesn’t travel far, so what you buy at a farmers market is fresh. This freshness brings out the incredible natural flavors. There is also plenty of variety, so be adventurous and try something you haven’t eaten before.
  • A sense of community. Farmers markets are a great place to meet and gather with your neighbors and learn about the local environment—all while shopping for healthy food.
  • Lower costs. Farmers markets often provide fresh, local, and delicious options at a lower cost than grocery stores.[2] A 2011 study found that farmers markets were about 12% less expensive than supermarkets.[3]
  • Support for the local economy.By selling produce directly to local communities, farmers can lower their costs for shipping.[4]

Farmers markets make healthy eating easy and tasty—and they’re easy to find. The number of farmers markets has increased by 67% since 2008. Not sure of a location near you? Then see the USDA’s Farmers Markets Directory.


San Diego – Linda Vista Certified Farmers Market
Thursday: 3 pm – 7 pm – Summer hours
Linda Vista Plaza Shopping Center
6939 Linda Vista Rd
San Diego, CA 92111


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