Past Staff and Interns

Click on the pictures to learn about the awe-inspiring people that have made an impact on the community and was an important asset in helping STRIVE, San Diego! reach our full potential. We thank you for your service, time, and continuous support <3

Dietitian/Nutritionist 2014-2016

Sarah Poblete was a registered dietitian nutritionist for STRIVE, San Diego! and earned her Master of Public Health in health promotion and behavioral science at San Diego State University. She is a proud alumna of Pepperdine University and completed her dietetic internship at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Through her previous experiences working with Sodexo and other foodservice entities, Sarah realized a dietitian’s role extends beyond the hospital and into the public and retail sectors. In addition to providing health and nutrition education, she believes in creating a healthy dining experience, where communities have access to wholesome and nutritious food. Her passions for foodservice and nutrition merge perfectly at STRIVE, San Diego! and she is excited by the prospect of helping support healthy dining establishments around San Diego County.

Spring 2016 Intern

Rebecca Gaor was a Spring 2016 Intern for Strive, San Diego! She finished her education at San Diego State University under the College of Health and Human Services and earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Health. With all of her public health knowledge and experience she strives to continue her education in the future and pursue her dream of obtaining a nursing degree. She believes that her public health background is a wonderful foundation to begin her nursing career. Rebecca has a passion for both individual and community health and healing. She loves creating meaningful relationships and connections with people. She believes that her passion and skill will allow her to make a remarkable difference in the community that she cares so much for. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Rebecca loves what she does with Strive because she is able to incorporate her passion for health promotion and community outreach in her day-to-day work. With the help of her Strive mentors, she hopes to advance her skills as a public health community leader as well as become a more well rounded student so that she will succeed in her future educational goals. Rebecca is so thankful to be a part of the Strive family!

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Intern

Marissa Maraan is a San Diego State University graduate who attained her B.S. in Health and Human Services with an emphasis in Public Health. She hopes to further her education by attending nursing school in the near future.

Spring 2016 Intern

Jamielee Gruspe is a San Diego State University graduate who received her B.S. in Public Health. During her time at San Diego State University she worked closely with the Peer Health Educators Program, a Health Promotion Department program dedicated to teaching students on campus about health and wellness. With the Peer Health Educators Program, Jamielee has led creative workshops at dorms and markets and presented topics about sexual health and alcohol use. Other than the Peer Health Educators Program, she is an active member through Students 4 Public Health Organization, in which focuses on public health topics and community service. Furthermore, she has been a STRIVE, San Diego intern under the outreach committee for a semester. When Jamielee is not in school, she spends some nights as a Certified Nursing Assistant that works with mentally disabled individuals in making sure they are safe and well cared for. On the days she has time to have fun and relax, she likes to go jogging with her dog, singing, watch online/TV-dramas, and spend quality time with the ones she loves most.

Spring 2016 Intern


Name: Elmer Jacobo

Major: Health Science with Emphasis in Public Health

Year: 4th year (Senior)

Experience at SDSU

I am a part-time Development Assistant at KPBS. I work for one of the departments at KPBS that develop relationships with major philanthropies in San Diego. I am an undergraduate research assistant at the Institute of Behavioral and Community Health. I work for an SDSU faculty and assist that faculty in her research. Most of my responsibilities includes, but not limited to, data entry, analysis, and peer review journal research. I am involved on campus. I am the current President of Scholars for Success. It is a student organization that supports SDSU students from the South Bay part of San Diego. I am also the Vice President of Students for Public Health. I am also a member and Students for Public Health representative for the College of Health and Human Services Council. In addition, I organized the first student conference for SDSU students that focuses on Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Internships, and Community Service Learning.

Experience at Strive:

I helped with the Dental Carries Assessment through data entry and evaluations. I also helped at Linda Vista, Otay Ranch, and Pacific Beach farmer markets. I also helped create Tasty videos that promote healthy recipes for fruits and vegetables of the month. I am also in the process of creating a “What is Strive” video that will help the public learn about Strive San Diego.

Future Aspirations:

Short term: To attend graduate school and get a master degree in Healthcare Administration.

Long term: To run a healthcare facility or health-related non-profit organization and develop health programs for underserved populations in diverse communities.

Spring 2016 Intern

Stephanie Phann, STRIVE, San Diego! Spring 2016 Intern

Senior Undergraduate in Public Health, San Diego State University

Leadership roles: Secretary of Students for Public Health / Vice Chair of the Student Health Advisory Committee

Interning at STRIVE, San Diego! has given me the unique opportunity to gain fieldwork experience in a community health setting where I can practice various public health skill sets I have attained from my undergraduate program at San Diego State from health data analysis, to health communication, and literature research and review.

I am constantly being challenged to find innovative ways to effectively promote health, facilitate communication with the community, and engage the API population at this internship, while simultaneously learning more about my own leadership attributes as a first-generation minority student and my potential to improve the health status of underserved communities.

While I have leadership experience as the Secretary of Students for Public Health as well as serving as the Vice Chair for the Student Health Advisory Committee on campus, STRIVE, San Diego continues to aid in my development as an effective community leader and public health advocate. By allowing me to work directly with the community on a grassroots level, STRIVE has helped drive my development in essential public service skills that will ultimately allow me to succeed in my future aspirations in health policy and management.