Restaurant Partner Data

STRIVE San Diego works with several restaurants to advocate healthy living through the creation and promotion of a healthy menu item. We work with chefs and owners to create low-carb, low-sodium, and/or low-sugar dishes, and we promote the healthy dish through different advertisements throughout the restaurant. We also work with restaurant management to redesign their menus, so that they may be more nutritionally informational.

To evaluate the impact our work has on the eating habits of the community, STRIVE San Diego conducts data evaluation through the analysis of our customer survey. This survey is given to the customers who visit our restaurant partners, and they are administered at baseline (before the implementation of the healthy dish), and 3 month and 12 month post (after the healthy dish implementation).

Through this, we are able to understand the impact of our efforts through infographics. Click on the links below to see the different infographics for some of our restaurant partners! 


Pare Mare


Takhrai Thai

Pho Ha Noi

(Data evaluation and subsequent infographics are all thanks to the efforts of interns Belcia Garcia, Sabrina Perry, Krystal Ta, Tam Vo, Gerilyn Barairo, Sierra Maranion, and STRIVE San Diego’s program evaluator Mary Grace Sadile.)