Dry Roasted Salmon and Papaya Noodle Salad


  1. Remove all excess milk and pat dry salmon fillets after soaking in milk for at least 45 min (do not rinse with water). Steam fillets with ginger, garlic, onion, lemongrass and coconut water in a steamer until fish is almost fully cooked (about 10-20 min). You can also place it in a covered bowl and microwave for 7-12 minutes, checking occasionally to ensure fish is not over-cooked or dry

  2. Remove fish and ingredients from excess water after steaming. Heat a non-stick frying pan over low-medium heat and add sesame oil, fish and cooking wine, stirring thoroughly. Press down with a wooden spoon and flake off the fillets into smaller shred-like pieces. Careful not to over-press, and stir consistently so the fish can roast and dry evenly. When the fish is almost golden brown, add the chicken powder, sugar, fish sauce and black pepper. Stir constantly for about 20-30 min or until fish is dry and golden brown (not too dry; this way the fish can be stored in the fridge for a long period of time and can be served over anything like rice or porridge)

  3. In a large bowl, toss together noodles, papaya, carrot (do chua), cucumber, mint, coriander and sate chili. Add the roasted salmon on top, served with roasted crush peanuts and soy dipping sauce to taste

Soy Dipping Sauce
  1. Mix together 1 part soy sauce, 2 parts coconut water, a squeeze of lemon juice, a bit of hoisin sauce, a sprinkle of sugar, sriracha and sate chili or chili paste to taste

Recipe Notes

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