How Coupons can Reduce Obesity

America has been in an obesity epidemic, which has led to many health complications such as diabetes and hypertension. Part of the cause of this epidemic is the inability for Americans to meet dietary recommendations due to access to healthy food and the cost. Therefore, many grocery stores have developed coupons to aid in reducing the cost of food. However, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study discovered that less than 1% of coupons were available for fruits and vegetables. “Of 1,056 online store coupons available during the 4-week study period, 25% were for processed snack foods, candies, and desserts (the largest category). Approximately 12% of coupons were for beverages, more than half of which were for sodas, juices, and sports/energy drinks.” Since coupons have an influence to shoppers’ food purchases, there needs to be more of an emphasis in developing coupons that are used on fruits and vegetables to help reduce the prevalence of obesity related illnesses. For the full CDC study please visit


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